Victoria Finals System


In addition to a monthly final for event winners, Victorian players are also rewarded for their position on both state and venue leader boards.

Players who win any NPPL or NPL event in Victoria will receive an entry into our $5,000 winners only event. This event is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Village Green Hotel (10am rego, 11am start) Entry into these events for event winners of the previous calendar month is free. No other entries will be accepted without prior approval from NPPL management. There is NO rebuy or addon for these events.

Please note that due to cancellations over the Christmas new year period there will be no final held in January and players who win during the December period will be moved into the $5,000 event in Feb.

Leaderboard Rewards

Players who finish first place on a venue leader board at the end of each season will be rewarded $200
Players who finish in the top 8 of the state leader board will receive the following reward.

1st - $1,000
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
4th – 8th - $200

- Players may receive multiple rewards during each season (example a player may place 1st on both the state leader board and 2 venue leader boards during the same season and collected $1,400)
- Players must NOT be suspended/banned in any period from that start of a season until payment. If a player is suspended/banned during this period management may disqualify you from receiving payment and your winnings will be moved to the next player down the list.
- Venues MUST run at least 8 games during a season to be eligible for leader board rewards. Players who finish 1st at a venue that has not run 8 games during a season will NOT receive any payments for that venue
- Players are given 14 days from the end of a season to submit any requests for adjustments to points (to [email protected]) players are reminded not to wait until you have been knocked down a position from another players claim before making your own as 14 days is the cut off for accepting these applications.
- Points are NOT final until declared by NPPL management, this will not take place until AT LEAST 14 days after the end of the season to allow for late results or adjustments. There may be circumstances that points are not finalised until after this time frame.
- Players must ensure their mobile number is kept up to date with your tournament director as we will contact you via the number we have for you in the system for your banking details after the points have been made final.
- Regardless of if you have received payment from NPPL before we will always still have you confirm your banking details in writing.
- Seasons are shared with financial quarters (Q1 – Jan-Mar, Q2 – Apr-Jun, Q3 – July-Sep, Q4 Oct-Dec)

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